June 11, 2023

有些人會有「紅色食物補血」的想法,的確不少紅色食物例如紅豆、紅棗有補血作用,但並不能一概而論,好像被視為超級食物 (Superfood) 的紅菜頭,具健脾消滯、利尿功效,亦能下氣、通經,不但不能補血更有活血通經作用,所以較適合氣滯、血瘀型體質人士服用,氣血虛弱體質者多吃反而因其活血而更虛弱,容易出現頭暈症狀,而任何體質人士都不建議月經期間食用。

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Beetroot promotes blood circulation and may cause dizziness
Some individuals believe that red-colored foods can replenish blood. While it is true that certain red foods such as red beans and red dates have blood-replenishing properties, this concept cannot be applied universally.
Beetroot, often labelled as a Superfood, is beneficial for strengthening the spleen, promoting diuresis, relieving gas, and regulating menstruation. However, it does not actually replenish the blood; instead, it invigorates it.
Therefore, beetroot is more suitable for individuals with stagnant qi and blood stasis constitutions. Consumption by individuals with weak qi and blood constitution may further weaken them due to its blood-invigorating properties, potentially leading to dizziness. It is not advisable for individuals, regardless of constitution, to consume beetroot during menstruation.

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