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桂花 vs 薄荷 vs 檸檬泡水喝

桂花 ── 性溫,有安心寧神、暖胃止痛的功效。

薄荷 ── 性涼,有疏散風熱及透疹的作用,能紓緩風熱感冒而起的頭痛目赤、喉嚨不適、口瘡、熱咳黃痰、牙痛等症狀,對於風疹及消化不良也有紓緩作用,亦可令口氣清新。惟注意陰虛體質人士不宜多服。

檸檬 ── 性溫,能開胃消滯、生津止渴、消暑、安胎。能紓緩炎夏的無胃口、消化不良、潤膚及改善色斑等美顏功效。

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Effective ways to get rid of bad breath
Osmanthus vs mint vs lemon juice

We are now used to wearing masks due to the pandemic, but it can be unbearable during summer when we can smell our own bad breath when we speak!

Many factors cause bad breath. Among them are poor oral hygiene and periodontal diseases. Not drinking enough water can lead to a decrease in salivation, hence, causing the mouth to become dry. Constipation and dampness accumulation in the intestines and stomach are also the main causes of bad breath.

To get rid of bad breath, we should get to the root of the problem. We can consume an appropriate amount of drinks that are made from mint, osmanthus, and lemon to keep our breath fresh. Avoid adding sugar to these drinks! These drinks can get rid of the bad odor in the mouth especially after having a heavy meal like hotpot and barbecue.

Sweet osmanthus – warm in nature. Calms the mind, warms the stomach to relieve pain.

Mint – cool in nature, and can dispel wind-heat, alleviate flu-related headaches, swollen and sore throat, mouth ulcers, hot cough with yellow phlegm, and toothache. Mint can also relieve pain caused by rubella infection and indigestion, as well as freshen one’s breath. Nonetheless, individuals with yin deficiency should not consume mint excessively.

Lemon – warm in nature and can stimulate appetite and relieve stagnancy, promote fluid production and quench thirst, clear summer heat, and stabilize pregnancy. It alleviates summer heat related symptoms such as lack of appetite and indigestion, and it can also moisten skin and improve discoloration on skin.

✔ CheckCheckCin Recommendation: Sensitive stomach
Ingredients: jasmine, sweet osmanthus, Chinese yam, fried hyacinth bean
Effects: Soothes the liver and strengthens the spleen. Relieves stress-induced stomach gurgling, abdominal bloating, loose stool.

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