November 14, 2020




1. 芝麻狀
2. 線狀或小蟲狀
3. 飛蟲狀
4. 環狀


Relax for a minute- Understand Floaters

Do you see floaters? This is a condition where you can see small dark spots like mosquitoes float across your vision. Tell us in the comment which types you have seen.

1. Sesame shape
2. Line or small bugs
3. Flying bugs
4. Ring shape

Western medicine differentiates floaters into physiological or pathological types. Physiological ones happen as you age and body deteriorates accordingly and pathlogical ones are caused by illness. From Chinese medicine perspective, they are caused by deficiency of the kidneys and liver, asthenic qi and blood, phlegm and damp heat issues. If you are seeing floaters, consult a registers Chinese practitioner to condition your body accordingly.
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© 2024 CheckCheckCin Limited. All rights reserved.
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