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豆腐 — 性涼,味甘,豆腐以黃豆及石膏粉配製而成,石膏粉屬性偏涼,所以豆腐屬性也會稍微偏涼。具益氣寬中、生津潤燥的功效,適合身體虛弱、氣血雙虧、營養不良人士食用。因為性涼,慢性胃寒病人、脾胃虛寒及大便稀薄者不宜多吃。

芽菜— 分綠、黃豆芽。綠豆芽由綠豆發芽,黃豆芽由黃豆發芽。兩者都性涼,有消暑解渴,清熱解毒,利水消腫的功效。尤其適合現在悶熱天氣或中暑時的煩躁、無胃口時服用。注意脾胃虛寒容易腹瀉者都不宜多食。

Mystery of bean sprouts and tofu
Burning joss paper is a traditional custom during the 7th month of the lunar calendar, and some food will be offered to the spirits for them to have a full meal. Amongst the offerings, tofu and bean sprouts are must-have items. It is said that people were not rich, they can only buy cheap ingredients. There is another saying that the throat of a hungry spirit is very narrow and will be burned when eating so they are always hungry. Bean sprouts and tofu are relatively easy to eat and has more moisture, which makes it feel more comfortable but not too rich that would entice them stay for a long time. This is a coincidence with food nature in Chinese medicine. Tofu and bean sprouts are cold in nature, which have the effect of clearing heat. Bean sprouts can clear summer heat and relieve thirst. It can be seen that traditional customs also have their own rationalities.

Tofu – Cold in nature and sweet. Tofu is made by soya bean and gypsum powder. As gypsum powder is cold in nature, the tofu is relatively cold in nature. It can nourish qi, relieve qi stagnation, promote fluid production and relieve dryness. It is suitable for those with weak body, qi and blood deficiency and those who are malnutritioned. As it is cold in nature, those with chronic cold stomach, asthenic spleen and stomach and loose stools should eat less.

Bean sprouts – There are two types of bean sprouts- mung bean sprout and soybean sprout. Mung bean sprout is made from green-capped mung beans and soybean sprouts are made from yellow larger-grained soybean. They are both cold in nature, can dispel summer heat and relieve thirst, clear heat and remove toxins, promote diuresis and relieve bloating. It is especially suitable to have in this hot and stuffy weather, particularly for those suffering from heat stroke and accompanying symptoms such as irritability and lack of appetite. Note that those with asthenic stomach and prone to diarrhea should eat less.

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