August 22, 2019

【茶葉大不同 】泡茶前要先識飲茶








Pick your tea correctly 
In recent years, tea has replaced soda and juice as everyone’s favorite drink. Whether it is from a tea shop on the street or a convenience store, there are different types of tea. People even tend to have a cup of hot tea on their office desks, and they sometimes add herbs and ingredients for healthy benefits. Many people think that there is no sugar added into tea making it healthier than drinking sweet drinks. It is also better than drinking water. Many people believe tea does not have added sugar so it is healthier than sweet drinks; tea is more flavourful than water so they replace water with tea. The reality is you cannot do that and did you know you need to choose your tea according to your body type? Different tea after different types of processing such as baking, stir frying and fermenting, will change in flavour and nature. Generally speaking, those with weak spleen and stomach, asthenic body, ladies who are pregnant, prone to insomnia should not have too much tea and should avoid drinking tea on an empty stomach. 

In general terms, teas are divided into:
White tea – such as Shoumei, White peony, White silver needle
It is mostly a bud, and it is called white tea because it has a white frosty snow like. After picking, it can only be sun-dried or slow dried in low heat. It is a partially fermented tea. The color is clear with a slight greenish yellow. The taste is light and sweet. It is cool in nature, can clear heat, detoxify and quench thirst. It is suitable for drinking during summer. Those with asthenic cold body type should drink less.

Green tea – such as Matcha, Longjing, Biluochun
After the tea-making process, most of the white layers fall off, the tea leaves still have a green color after brewing, that is why it is green tea. Most of the green tea in China and Taiwan is fried green tea, while Japanese green tea is mostly steamed green tea. Because it is only partially fermented, green tea is cold in nature, and it can mainly clear heat. It is suitable for drinking during summer. Those with asthenic cold body type should drink less.

Black tea – such as Earl Grey, Darjeeling, Ceylon, Assam, Dian Hong, Keemun
Black tea from Fujian has become the most familiar tea after it has spread to the western countries. Black tea is a fully fermented tea, which can be preserved for a long time. The properties are relatively mild, the color is dark red, and the taste is mild and sweet. Black tea is warm in nature, has the effect of warming the stomach and dispelling cold, improving qi circulation and aiding digestion. 

Light green tea – also known as Oolong, such as Tieguanyin, Wuyi tea, Dahongpao, Taiwan Oolong
Light green tea, which is often called Oolong in China, is a semi-fermented tea, but the level of fermentation of various green teas are also different, and it is famous for its aroma. The properties of light green tea depend on the fermentation, ranging from slightly cool to slightly warm, which can refresh the mind and aid digestion.

Dark tea – such as Pu’er, Lu’an tea, Green brick tea
Dark tea is named by its dark color. It is a post-fermentarion tea, the taste is more mellow and smokey, and the fermented tea can be stored for a long time, which increases its flavor, so aged Pu’er a top grade tea. Dark tea is warm in nature, can warm the stomach, aid digestion and sober up.

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