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不少女性有痛經時都會主觀地以為自己是虛寒, 就以為飲薑茶可紓緩,這都是因為薑有驅寒的功效,才可紓緩因虛寒而引致的痛經,即伴隨有怕冷、手腳冰冷等症狀。其實痛經成因眾多,並非全因虛寒,所以要解決痛經問題,還是要分清原因及自己體質,千萬不要胡亂天天薑茶當水飲了。教大家兩個驅寒茶療,在喝薑茶時也可來點美味的新意。



Is ginger tea suitable for everyone?
“Mom often reminds me to drink more ginger tea to dispel cold, but I have heard a saying that consuming ginger at night is like taking in arsenic, is it true?”

CheckCheckCin: The most important thing is to match your intake to your body condition! Ginger is warm in nature, has the effects to promote perspiration and dispel cold, warm the body and relieve vomiting. It is especially suitable for those with asthenic cold body types such as yang deficiency, as it can relieve aversion to cold and headache caused by cold wind flu, stomach pain caused by cold stomach, and asthenic cold type menstrual pain. Therefore, those with cold-like body type can have ginger in the morning or at night, but those with heat-like body type should not eat it at any time. Otherwise, the heat symptoms could get worse. 

Many ladies with menstrual pain think that they have asthenic cold body type, and believe that drinking ginger tea can help. As ginger has the effect of dispelling cold, alleviating the menstrual pain caused by asthenic cold, which accompanied by aversion to cold, cold limbs and other symptoms. However, there are many different causes to menstrual pain, not all are related to asthenic cold. So to solve the problem of menstrual pain, you should find out the reasons and know your own body condition. Do not have ginger tea every day. We recommend these two tea remedy with some new ideas to have ginger.

Ginger black tea with cinnamon
Ingredients: 5g black tea (can also use tea sachet), 3 slices of raw ginger, 1 stick of cinnamon, a small amount of brown sugar
Preparation: Put black tea, ginger slices and cinnamon into a thermos or teapot, add 500ml of hot water and steep for 15 minutes, and add a small amount of brown sugar to taste.
Effects: dispels cold, warms the stomach and relievea pain 

Yuzu honey ginger tea with lime
Ingredients: 2 slices of raw ginger, 1 tablespoon of yuzu honey, appropriate amounts of lime juice 
Preparation: Add 500ml of hot water into the thermos or cup, add the yuzu honey and mix well, add in lime juice.
Effects: dispels cold, relieves vomiting and poor appetite 

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© 2024 CheckCheckCin Limited. All rights reserved.
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