December 10, 2017



聽到很多人訴說最近一眾爸媽朋友最近都沒有露面,原來正值幼稚園面試旺季!父母抱著1-2歲牙牙學語的人仔到各大學校進行學前班「面試」;但不要以為還沒到小一面試旺季,其實那些父母也已正忙著為來年面試,要好好計劃及裝備3-4歲的小朋友們。父母一邊忙著工作,一邊忙著四周打探口風,每分每秒也不能鬆懈,導致心緒不寧,心情煩躁更直接影響入眠。中醫理論認為長期精神壓力大,心情緊張亢奮未能好好入眠,身體出現陰虛火旺的症狀如出口瘡、便秘及盗汗 – 即睡醒時發現全身冒汗等症狀。這時候不妨兩夫妻一起喝一杯寧心安神的百合茶,好好談心再睡一覺好的,其他的事,明天再續。


So irritated you’re losing sleep?
A lot of parents seem to have gone MIA lately, turns out it’s the kindergarten interview season! Parents are bringing their little toddlers to schools for interviews. There are also parents getting their bigger children ready for the coming primary school interviews next year. Parents have to work and, at the same time, ask around for information about interviews and they just can’t seem to relax. This level of nervousness can lead to poor sleep. Chinese medicine believes that chronic stress, nervousness and poor sleep can lead to yin deficient and heat-related symptoms such as canker sores, constipation, and night sweats. Try to relax with a lily bulb tea, have small chat and try to get a night’s rest. Take care of the rest after you’ve had proper rest.
Tea remedy to calm the mind
Ingredients: 10g lily bulb, 30g blighted wheat, 10g radix ophiopogonis, 2 Chinese red dates
Preparation: Rinse all ingredients thoroughly and add into a cup or thermos. Add in hot water and steep for 15 minutes.
Effects: Nourishes in and calms the mind. Improves poor sleep and absent-mindedness.

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