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Warm-up before exercising
Improper exercise forms and motions can cause injuries, and more often than not, it is due to the lack of warm-ups. Warming up can increase the body temperature, improve the elasticity of muscles and the sensitivity of nerve receptors, hence, reducing chances of injuries.

So, how long should a warm-up last? It depends on the individual’s age, body constitution, the weather, and the intensity of the sport. Aerobic exercises such as slow jog would require a shorter warm-up time.

On the other hand, anaerobic exercises that are of short length with high intensity such as 100m dash, basketball, and rugby warrants a longer warm-up. This is to increase the body temperature and heart rate and to help the body to sweat a little, so the body can get accustomed to the intensity more effectively.

Yet, it does not mean the more time you spend on warm-up, the better it is, because excessive warming up can reduce the stamina and cause exhaustion even before the actual sport takes place.

Some simple warm-ups:

?? Head and Neck
Place your right hand on the left side of your head and gently push your head towards the right side until the right ear is close to the shoulder. Keep the position for 15 seconds. Repeat with left hand on right side of head.

??Upper limbs
Raise your right hand and bend it downwards with finger tips touching your back. Use your left hand to pull your right elbow towards the left until you feel tightness on the right shoulder. Keep the position for 15 seconds. Repeat with left hand.

?? Lower limbs
Action 1: Stand with one leg in front of the other, point the feet to the front, and make sure the ankles are on the ground. Bend the front leg and straighten the other. Keep the body straight and lower the center of gravity, so you can feel tension on the calves. Maintain the same position for 15 seconds and repeat the same process for the other feet.

Action 2: Bend the right leg backward and hold the feet with the right hand. Pull the leg upward as much as possible, but keep the thigh straight and make sure there is tension in the muscles. Use a handrail to stabilize the body, if necessary. Maintain the same position for 15 seconds and repeat the same process for the other feet.
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