April 2, 2018

【假期症後群】 敲打頭頂立即醒神!







Mondays after holidays are especially tiring. Your mind is fulfilled but your body took a beating. Try thinking back to what you did during the holiday- late nights, constantly staring at your phone, Tv or computer screen, sleeping in, eating heavy meals. For those who went on a vacation, the adjustment to a new place or time difference can be a lot. Then for parents of your children, it may be nonstop playing and putting them first. All these activities can take a toll on your body. As you have to get back to work, it’s time to face reality.

Head acupuncture points to help you focus

Bai Hui Point

Location: on the midline of the top of head, in line with the apex of the ears

Effects:. Alleviates headaches, dizziness, poor sleep, tired eyes, neck and shoulder pain

Si shen cong point
Location:a group of four points located one inch in front, to the back, left and right of the bai hui point

Method: relax your wrist, use a hitting motion with your palm and use your fingers to hit the top of your head for about 30 mins. Don’t use strong strength.

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© 2024 CheckCheckCin Limited. All rights reserved.
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