May 23, 2018

【CheckCheckMail-五花茶當水飲?】 #喝涼茶要點到即止


躁底男:「天氣這樣炎熱,是不是多飲涼茶就可以清熱下火?」 CheckCheckMail:五花茶以屬性偏寒的五種花煲成,常見為金銀花、菊花、槐花、木棉花及雞蛋花,有清熱解毒,消暑祛濕的作用。天氣炎熱或是身體出現偏熱症狀時飲用最適合不過。要注意飲用涼茶要適可而止,身體的偏熱症狀得以緩解以後也要停喝, 否則會令身體虛弱,出現眩暈、腹瀉、腹痛等症狀!不要見天氣炎熱就「涼茶當水飲」,要按體質而飲用。

Don’t have herbal tea as water no matter how hot it is

It’s so hot, should I have more herbal tea to clear heat?

CheckCheckCin: Five flowers tea is made with five flowers that are cool in nature, and those are usually honeysuckle, chrysanthemum, sophora, kapok, and plumeria. The tea can clear heat and detoxify, relieve summer heat and dispel dampness. When it is very hot or when your body is displaying heat-related symptoms, the five flower tea is great to have. But herbal tea should be consumed moderately and when your heat-related symptoms have subsided you should stop or your body could become asthenic. You may then have symptoms such as dizziness, diarrhea and abdominal pain. So don’t drink herbal tea as water just because it’s hot, you should choose our drink based on your body constitution.

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