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材料:菊花5朵、綠茶粉 1茶匙、蜂蜜少許
1. 將菊花浸泡在約200毫升的熱水中成菊花茶,待茶涼後加入綠茶粉及蜂蜜調勻。
2. 沾濕綿花再敷在臉上5分鐘,以溫水洗面。

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Flowers that give you a refreshing look
1. Roselle- anti-oxidant
A lot of ladies like to make tea with dried roselle for its sour flavor and weight loss effects. Roselle tops all flowers for its anti-oxidation effects too, and it is in fact even better than green tea for that. Roselle can restore moisture in your skin and give you rosy cheeks. From Chinese medicine perspective, roselle can improve skin and lighten freckles, promote diuresis and lower blood pressure. Note that roselle is cold in nature and those with asthenic cold spleen and stomach should consume with caution.

2. Buddleja- nourish liver and improve vision
You want to have sparkling eyes? Get to know buddleja! It can nourish the liver to improve vision, clear heat and retreat eye nebula. Working people stare at computer monitors all day long and it can be very tiring for the eyes. Buddleja can improve red, dry and itchy eyes as well as excessive tearing.

3. Chrysanthemum
Chrysanthemum tea can clear heat and most people know that. It can also help to clear heat and improve eyesight, and alleviate liver heat related acne and dull complexion. Chrysanthemum can also prevent dark coloring of the skin. Note that chrysanthemum is cold in nature and those with asthenic cold spleen and stomach should consume with caution.

DIY Chrysanthemum facial
Ingredients: 5 chrysanthemum, 1 teaspoon green tea powder, small amounts of honey
1. Soak chrysanthemum in 200ml of hot water. After cooled, add in green tea powder and honey
2. Soak in cotton and apply to skin for 5 minutes and rinse with warm water.
Effects: clear heat and whiten skin, alleviate acne and nourish skin.

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