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Can you lose or gain weight by drinking rice water?
A lot of people on diets hear about carbs and say- wouldn’t I gain weight from drinking rice water? The benefit of rice water is mainly to nourish the spleen and stomach. Those with asthenic spleen and stomach will have malfunctioning digestive systems, leading to difficulty circulating fluids, and the body cannot remove excess fluids from the body. With the dampness in body, it can lead to edema and phlegm causing the body to be chubbier.
There is also another extreme result of asthenic spleen and stomach- inability to gain weight no matter what you eat. Due to the weakened digestive system, no matter what nutritious foods you consume, you body cannot properly absorb the necessary nutrients. You may be prone to diarrhea just be eating some slightly oilier things or overeating by a bit.
Keeping a healthy spleen and diet helps the body absorb, convert and transport allowing the body to absorb proper nutrients. You can then rely on exercising and diet control to manage your body weight and shape. Rice water is a way to strengthen your overall health, and not for gaining or losing weight. Your objective to gain or lose weight would be easier when you have a healthy spleen and stomach.

How many calories are in rice water?
Our paper pack rice water has 15-16 kcal, and a pack of our 20g instant rice water has 71kcal. A bowl of rice has approximately 200kcal so the calorie count in rice water is actually quite low.

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