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– 臉色及唇色偏紅
– 膚質粗糙、毛孔粗大
– 多面油
– 易出暗瘡、粉刺、酒米



Skincare for those with heat related body condition
During Chinese New Year, you will get together with friends and relatives that you may not have seen in the last year to catch up, and you might dress up to leave a good impression. If you have poor eating habits, and eat too many deep-fried cakes in the Chinese New Year, heat related symptoms may worsen. You might have pimples that cannot be covered no matter how much concealer you use. So be sure to take care of your health by eating based on your body condition, and improve your skin from the inside out. Make a dazzling impression with your confidence.

Skin of those prone to heat related symptoms
– Reddish complexion and lip colour
– Rough skin and large pores
– Face oil
– Prone to acne and whitehead
Accompanying symptoms: aversion to heat, prone to dry mouth, yellowish urine, dry or sticky stool

People prone to hot symptoms have strong secretion of oil. They are prone to face oil, pimple and acne. If you want to improve skin quality, you need to clear heat and detoxify. It is not recommended to have alcohol, stop taking previous Chinese medicine for conditioning the body, eat less fried and greasy food, and drink more water. You can eat appropriately consume cool natured ingredients such as winter melon, mung bean, cucumber, and cool natured fruits such as pear, watermelon, dragon fruit, strawberry and so on.

Chrysanthemum tea with dandelion
Effects: clears heat and detoxifies, relieves symptoms such as face oil, pimples that are red in color, swollen, hot and painful.
Ingredients: 6g wild chrysanthemum, 6g dandelion
Preparation: rinse all ingredients and place them into thermos. Then add in hot water and steep for 5 minutes.
Note: this tea is cold in nature. Those with asthenic weak or cold spleen and stomach should take with caution.

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