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CheckCheckMail: I feel stomach bloats after lunch, and sometimes even nauseous with a lot of stomach gas. The worst is I keep burping, what can I do?
CheckCheckCin: Chinese medicine calls this abdominal distension, people with this problem always feel like there’s qi stagnated in the stomach which is then followed by stomach bloating, queasy, and even feeling of nausea especially after a meal. When blood and qi are not circulating properly, it will lead to the issues with normal qi ascend and descend, but not quite to pain yet. When a person has added stressed affecting the mood, it can cause additional liver qi stagnation which adds to burden to your stomach and spleen. But don’t worry, as long as you properly relieve the stress and regulate qi flow, your burping condition should improve!
▶︎▶︎Qi regulation tea remedy-
Ingredients: Rhizome Chinese Atractylodes 9g, magnolia bark 6g, dried orange peel 6g
Preparation: Lightly mash up ingredients and cut dried orange peel into shreds. Add all prepared ingredients into tea bag and place into thermos. Rinse tea bag with hot water and dispose the water. Add hot water again and steep for 20 minutes.
Effects: relieves stress and regulates qi. Relieves stomach discomfort due to pressure and stress.
Note: Not suitable for pregnant women and those with yin deficient body type.

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© 2024 CheckCheckCin Limited. All rights reserved.
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