March 31, 2018


養生還是要靠自己,還是乖乖地少吃生冷,每天喝米水,才有quota 間中任性一下。治未病總比臨急抱佛腳,病了才吃藥更明智。

No pain no gain?
Find a balance to healthy living!
Avoid the cold and the raw, say no to cold drinks
Exercise daily
Have a cup of rice water daily
A healthy body does not happen by chance, but requires work to achieve
Push yourself towards healthy living, and try to have less cold and raw things. Remember your daily cup of rice water so that you can have the quota to be wild every now and then. Preventative health is always better than treatments and medications.

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© 2024 CheckCheckCin Limited. All rights reserved.
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