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Prevent hair loss in autumn and winter
It is quite dry during fall and winter. You can apply moisturiser on dry skin, but what about your scalp? In addition to the problem of dry scalp, some people have more severe hair loss in autumn and winter than in summer. From Chinese medicine perspective, fall is about harvest and winter is about storage. In spring and summer, qi and blood will flow to the body surface, limbs and head. The qi and blood will be saved into organs during autumn and winter. The nutrients to hair is relatively reduced which may worsen hair loss.

Chinese medicine believes that hair health is related to liver and kidneys as liver stores blood and hair is an extension of blood. The health of the reproductive system is closely related to the kidneys, the kidneys can also dictate the health of hair. Therefore, you need to pay more attention to liver and kidney maintenance in autumn and winter, and appropriately consume black colored food such as black fungus, black beans, black rice, black glutinous rice, black sesame seeds, black dates, mulberries, black chicken. Brush your hair and massage your scalp every day, and do not wash your hair for too long. The water temperature should not be too high to prevent washing away too much scalp oil and causing dryness. In the end, you must have enough sleep, because staying up late will hurt the liver and kidneys. Remember to keep a happy mood, as emotional stress and excessive stress can lead to liver qi stagnation and hair loss.

Press on the following three points to help stimulate blood circulation and prevent hair loss.

Bai Hui Point
Location: the midline of the head and 5 inches behind the hairline, in line with the apex of the ears
Effects: adjusts the autonomic nervous system and promotes blood and qi circulation

Wind Pool point
Location: at the back of neck below the back of head bone at the depressed point of the two large tendons at the same Level of the ear lobe
Effect: promotes blood circulation

Angle Vertex Point
Location: highest level of the apex of the ear and hairline where the ear is folded forwards
Effect: improves vision and dizziness, decongests the ear canal

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