May 9, 2017




1. 米水-當你無胃口,米水既能恢復脾胃功能,也能為身體補充水分
2. 運動飲料-嘔吐腹瀉後為身體補充水分

✧Miserable Stomach Flu✧
From a Chinese medicine perspective, stomach flu is a result of pathogenic dampness. Whether its due to poor dietary habits or catching a cold from typical dampness, when your stomach and spleen are damaged, your spleen’s transporting function is affected as well. Dampness can also travel downwards to affect your intestines causing diarrhea. When pathogens attack your stomach, gas that usually travels downwards may travel upwards, bringing your food and liquid intake along to cause vomiting. All of this explains the usual symptoms of diarrhea and vomiting when you have a stomach flu. It can also be accompanied by heavy-headedness, fatigue, stomach bloating, sore joints, nausea, stomach pain. This miserable combination gives people no choice but to stay in bed and rest. When you have a flu, see a registered Chinese medicine practitioner as soon as you can!
▶︎▶︎Two tips when you have a stomach flu:
1. Rice Water- when you lose your appetite, rice water can help restore your stomach and spleen functions and replenish your fluid level.
2. Sports drinks- replenish your fluid level after diarrhea and vomiting.

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