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1. 避免熬夜,晚上11時前入睡。
2. 避免進食生冷、甜膩、油膩食物。
3. 每日飲米水,健脾養胃。
4. 配合體質、適量食用養陰潤肺食物例如雪耳、雪梨、百合、杏仁等。
5. 做適量運動,幫助氣血運行。
6. 保持心境開朗,適時減壓。
7. 不煙不酒。
8. 注意清潔皮膚,徹底卸妝,適度補濕。
9. 注意防曬。
10. 避免擠眉弄眼。

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Improve your lifestyle to prevent wrinkles
It is common for women to adopt a skincare routine to look youthful. According to the Chinese Medicine theories, the functions of women’s stomach and intestines will begin to wane at the age of 35. As a result, they may have a dull complexion; experience elasticity loss and the formation of wrinkles.

When we first notice fine lines on our skin, try hydrating our body. Fine lines disappearing after this is an indication that our skin was previously dehydrated; but if they remain visible, we can deduce that the wrinkles are caused by the aging of skin.

From Chinese Medicine perspective, the dysfunction of organs will cause wrinkles to develop. ‘Lungs regulate the hair’, the pathogenic factor of dryness that attacks the lungs will cause skin to appear dry. ‘Liver regulates the blood’, the lack of blood in the liver will also have a similar effect on the face. ‘Spleen regulates the muscles’, deficiency in the spleen will also cause the skin’s health to deteriorate. ‘Kidney regulates the fluid’, the lack of fluid in the kidney will contribute to the deficiency of the yin, hence causing the skin to look drier and lackluster.

Frequent late nights, improper diet, being constantly under a lot of stress and fatigued are common reasons that will affect the functions of the lungs, liver, spleen and kidney. These will cause wrinkles to develop much earlier! In order to hold the line of defense against wrinkles, make sure we lead a healthy lifestyle, and regulate our body according to our conditions. Here are 10 tips to hit the brakes on the development of wrinkles.

Anti-wrinkle tips:
1. Avoid sleeping late; best to sleep before 11pm.
2. Avoid eating raw, cold, sweet and greasy food.
3. Drink a cup of rice water a day to strengthen the spleen and stomach.
4. Based on your body condition, consume an appropriate amount of food that can moisten the lungs, for instance, snow fungus, pear, lily and almond.
5. Exercise regularly, as it will help improve blood circulation.
6. Stay cheerful and de-stress when necessary.
7. Do not smoke, do not drink.
8. Take care of the cleanliness of your skin; remove makeup thoroughly and hydrate your skin.
9. Protect your skin from sun exposure.
10. Avoid making funny face excessively.

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