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功效:健脾利濕, 潤澤肌膚


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Getting rid of large pores
People of this era are constantly aiming to have ‘zero pores’, because the smaller the pores are, the brighter and smoother the skin will be. How do large pores develop? Aging skin and excessive secretion of sebum are among the common causes.

From the perspective of Chinese Medicine, individuals with the phlegm-dampness and damp heat body conditions will secrete more sebum than others, hence their faces are constantly shiny and oily. Once the accumulated sebum clog the pores, the pores will enlarge. In addition to staying up late, constantly eating fried and oily food, as well as drinking coffee and milk tea, dampness in the body will accumulate and cause heat to form in the body. This will further cause acne and whiteheads to develop.

In order to minimize the pores on our face, we need to regulate our body on top of using suitable cleansing and skincare products. Eat meals that are less savory, less sweet, and less nourishing, and consume foods that can clear heat and dampness from the body, such as corn silk, raw barley, adzuki bean, winter melon and lotus leaf. Avoid eating raw, cold, fat, oily and spicy foods, as that will cause the spleen and stomach to overwork, making it harder for the body to get rid of the excess dampness.

Dried beancurd sweet soup with oats and coix seeds
Effects: Strengthens the spleen, dispels dampness and moistens skin
Ingredients: 1 piece of bean curd, 2 tablespoons of oats, 30g coix seed, 30g pearl barley, rock sugar
Preparation: Rinse the ingredients. Cut dried beancurd. Combine all the ingredients with 1000ml of water in a pot and cook on high heat until boiling. Turn to low heat and simmer for 40 minutes. Add rock sugar to taste.

✔Rice water recommendation: Oats Rice Water
Effects: Reduce water retention, relieve constipation and improve excessive sweating.

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