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Feel like phlegm is always stuck in your throat?
The weather of autumn and winter is dry, and can cause dryness in the throat and cough, which may contain phlegm. At the same time, we can also constantly feel the presence of phlegm in the throat.
The phlegm, caused by the autumn dryness pathogens, often comes in small quantity. It is white in color and sticky in nature. Other accompanying symptoms include dry and itchy throat, dry nose and lips, and blood-streaked phlegm. The autumn’s qi and the qi of the lungs are interrelated, as Chinese Medicine theories note that “lungs are a delicate moist-loving organ”. Autumn dryness, hence, might hurt the lungs and cause individuals to cough and produce phlegm.
In order to relieve the condition, drink more water to keep the body hydrated. Consume ingredients that can moisten the lungs and nourish the yin, for instance, Lily bulbs, Polygonatum odoratum (‘yu zhu’), glehnia root, wolfberry and fox nut; also, eat fruits that can relieve dryness and nourish the lungs, such as pear, persimmon, sugarcane, fig, and loquat (‘pi pa’); cut down on hot and spicy food. If needed, drink herbal tea that can nourish the yin.

Fig tea with sweet almond and lily bulb
Effects: Nourishes yin and relieves dryness. Alleviates fall time dryness such as dryness in the nasal mucosa and bloodstained phlegm.
Ingredients: 15g sweet almond, 2 dried figs (cut in half), 9g lily bulb
Preparation: Place all ingredients into thermos, crush almonds, add in hot water and steep for 20 minutes until aroma develops. This tea can be re-browed until flavour weakens.
Note: Drink consecutively for 3-4 days per week when it is dry.

Acupoint to relieve phlegm: Beautiful bulge point
Effects: relieves phlegm and dampness. Especially helpful for those with phlegm and dampness body type.
Location: outer calves above the ankle, two fingers widths from your tibia.

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