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中醫理論中倒刺稱為「逆剝」,即皮膚逆向的剝脫,手指指甲邊緣的皮膚枯剝倒卷而翹起來。主要成因為皮膚乾燥,尤其是雙手經常接觸洗潔精和洗手液的人, 皮膚乾燥情況會加劇;而血虛、陰虛體質的人較易出現倒刺,因為指甲為「血之餘」,要氣血運行得好,才可滋養指甲。

1. 用白鑊將黑豆炒至豆皮裂開,搗碎,與黑芝麻粉一同加入保溫壼。
2. 將豆漿(或鮮奶)煮熱,倒入保溫壼中拌勻,加入適量黃糖調味即可。

– 洗手不要過於頻密
– 減少接觸洗潔精,宜戴手套
– 洗手後塗抹潤膚霜,記得同時按摩指甲邊位
– 修剪指甲時,用指甲銼把指甲邊弄平圓滑

Nourish blood and relieve dryness to prevent hangnails
Fall is here and your hands might be dry and hangnail growth can get out of control. Sometimes you can’t help but pull on it and create a wound that may bleed, swell, and even lead to Paronychia.
Chinese medicine believe hangnail is exfoliation of the skin, and it is usually due to skin dryness. Those who are always in contact with cleaning agent, the dryness can worsen. Those with blood asthenia, yin deficiency are prone to hangnails as nail health is a representation of healthy qi and blood circulation.
When handling hangnails, do not forcefully tug at it, but use a sanitized nail clipper to cut off. If the hangnail is hard, then soak in warm water until soften before you cut. Be sure to nourish blood and relieve dryness, try having black soy beans and black sesame soy milk.
Recipe to nourish blood and relieve dryness
Effects: regulate qi and promote blood circulation, nourish nails and hair, improve blood asthenia
Ingredients: 1 tablespoon black soy beans, 1 tablespoon black sesame powder, 1 cup of soy beans, appropriate amounts of brown sugar
1. Fry black soy beans in a wok without oil until bean skin cracks. Blend and combine with black sesame powder and add into thermos.
2. Heat up soy milk (or fresh milk) and add into thermos and mix well. Add in brown sugar to taste.
Note: for best results, have this drink 2-3 times per week. Those with abdominal bloating or asthenic spleen, or those prone to loose stool should consume with caution. Not suitable for those with high uric acid or diabetes.
Tips to protect your hands:
– Avoid washing your hands too often
– Reduce contact with cleaning solutions and wear gloves
– Use moisturizer after washing your hands and remember to massage edge of your nails
– When you cut your nails, use a filer to ensure the edge of nails are smooth

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