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Irritable behaviors during hotpot

People say we can always tell a person’s character during a game of mahjong. This also applies to hotpot sessions. Putting our favorite ingredients into the hotpot to cook does not seem complicated, but it can show how disciplined people are, as well as their manners.

It would be an undesirable experience if we come across someone who does not observe all these social etiquettes……

. Dumping all the ingredients into the hotpot in one go
Even when there are only three or four persons sharing one hotpot, certain people just love to dump all the ingredients into the hotpot and have them all cooked in one shot. While some ingredients like beef will remain not fully cooked on the inside, some are overcooked and turned mushy. Such action also takes away the joy of rinsing the ingredients little by little.

. ‘Washing’ the chopsticks in the hotpot
It is always hygienic to use a pair of sharing chopsticks for cooking the ingredients in the hotpot, and eat using our own pair of chopsticks. This can avoid any form of contamination during the process. It would be unappetizing to see someone who does not switch chopsticks – or even worse, someone who likes to bite his or her chopsticks constantly.

.Two-flavored hotpot no longer ‘two-flavored’
The two-flavored hotpot, or as the Chinese called ‘yuanyang’, caters to the needs of two group of friends – those who can and those who cannot eat spicy food, and the clear soup should also be used to blanch vegetables for healthy eating. However, when some people feel the mala soup is too spicy, they would insist on ‘rinsing it’ in the clear soup first before eating. What would the others think of this behavior?

. Someone adding raw ingredients into the hotpot when the soup is boiling
When many people share one hotpot, or when the stove is not giving enough heat, the soup will take a longer time to boil. Just when we are about to take out the cooked ingredients and eat, someone just randomly adds more raw ingredients into the soup, causing the waiting game to repeat all over again.

. Dumping uncooked ingredients back into the hotpot
It is difficult to determine whether the ingredients are fully and partially cooked, especially when it involves many people. Imagine someone taking a bite of the food, realizing it is still not fully cooked, and dumping it right back to the hotpot! Our family members might tolerate this behavior but your friends would probably think twice before inviting you to another hotpot session.

. Pouring the remaining soup in the bowl into the hotpot
This might seem unbelievable but yes, some people would actually clear the soup in their bowl out by pouring it back into the hotpot! Shock level: 10/10. Do you have such friends?

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