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不想外出,不想見人,心情低落,感覺很累,就如隻角落生物一樣,你最近也有經歷這些情緒困擾嗎?我們的情緒很容易受健康、環境、壓力等影響,例如周末過去遇上Blue Monday、月經前心情煩躁不安、考試沒有達到預期成績等等都會導致心情低落,心理健康的人勇於表達情緒及懂得減壓, 心情很快就好起來。但如果你屬於肝鬱氣滯體質,平日有頭痛、多嘆氣、打嗝或放屁、胃痛、大便不調、失眠等症狀,由於肝的疏泄功能不足就會情緒抑鬱、容易動怒及鬱鬱寡歡,遇上不快事情,情緒困擾便特別嚴重。


菊花 — 性涼,清肝退火、明目、保健眼睛。
洋甘菊 — 性寒,有安神功效,對風熱感冒及風濕疼痛有紓緩作用。
洛神花 — 性寒,清熱解毒、消滯、養顏。孕婦不宜飲用,亦不宜空腹飲用。

玫瑰花 — 性溫,疏肝解鬱、行氣活血。因為有活血功效,月經期間不宜飲用。
茉莉花 — 性溫,理氣解鬱,紓緩胸悶不適。
桂花 — 性溫,溫肺散寒、暖胃止痛。
佛手 — 性溫,疏肝理氣、養胃止痛。


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Floral tea to reduce anxiety

Don’t feel like going out to meet people, feeling down and tired, and just wanting to hide away from the world? Our health, the environment, and pressure can easily affect our emotions, for instance, Monday blues, feeling anxious before our period, and exam results not meeting our expectations. All these can cause us to feel dejected.

Mentally healthy individuals are good at expressing their emotions and know how to relieve stress. Hence, they could feel better in no time. But if you experience depression in the liver and stagnation of the qi and exhibit symptoms like headache, frequent sighing, burping, flatulence, stomach ache, unable to pass motion regularly, and insomnia, you would become depressed easily, develop a quick temper, and feel downhearted. This is because the liver could not clear its stagnation optimally. These individuals might become even more emotional when they are going through problems.

When feeling depressed, try to drink a cup of floral tea and take a break. Floral tea can soothe the liver, relieve stress, and calm the mind. You can choose specific floral teas to relieve particular discomforts. Should emotional problems persist, remember to seek advice from professionals.

Floral tea to destress
Effects: soothe the liver and relieves stress, relieves mental stress and depression.
Ingredients: small amounts of jasmine, chamomile and dried citrus peel, honey to taste
Preparation: Except honey, put all ingredients into the thermos. Rinse with hot water once. Then add in hot water again and steep for 5 minutes. Add honey to taste when tea is warm.

For those with heat related body condition:
Chrysanthemum- cool in nature, clears the livers and heat, improves vision.
Lavender- cool in nature, clears heat and detoxifies, dispels wind and relieves itchy skin, helps to improve sleep.
Chamomile- cold in nature, calms the mind. It can relieve heat wind flu and rheumatoid arthritis.
Roselle- cold in nature, clears heat and detoxifies, aids digestion, improves skin quality. It is not suitable for pregnant women. It also should not be consumed with an empty stomach.

For those with cold related body condition:
Rose- warm in nature, reduces stress, promotes qi and activates blood. As it can activate blood, it is not suitable for menstruating women.
Jasmine- warm in nature, regulates qi and reduces stress, relieves chest discomfort
Sweet osmanthus- warm in nature, warms the lungs and dispels cold, warms the stomach and relieves pain
Fingered citron- warm in nature, relieves stagnated liver and regulates qi, nourish the stomach and relieves pain

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