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1. 大菜絲洗淨剪碎,用水浸軟備用。
2. 將水煮滾,加入朝米水粉拌勻,加蓋焗20分鐘,隔走米渣後再加入大菜絲以文火煮至溶化。
3. 待米水大菜水稍微放涼後倒入容器中,放入雪櫃冷藏至凝固即成。

Manage your emotions when faced with malignant tumor
When you are diagnosed with cancer or malignant tumors, you must first try to stay calm, don’t be afraid, or you may worsen your illness if you are upset or in a mess. The first thing to do after a diagnosis is to analyze the current situation with your family doctor or doctor in charge, and then find out next steps. Medical development is advanced, and treatment options are available. The best cooperation for patients is to have an open mind and a positive attitude. Don’t be stubborn and listen to the opinions of doctors. When you have doubts, see more doctors to collect second opinions, write down some paths and methods, and then discuss with your family or doctor about a treatment plan that suits your needs.

Emotions can have a large intangible effect on the body. It is not recommended to face the problem alone. You have to share the burden with those around you. At this time, it is even more necessary to adjust life and dietary habits, have a cup of rice water daily to strengthen the spleen and stomach, and prepare a healthy body to face the challenge. Do not worry about things that have not happened yet, such as after-treatment side effects or discomfort after radiation therapy or chemotherapy, such as mouth ulcers and sore throats after radiation therapy. From Chinese medicine perspective, you can clear heat and nourish yin. Drink dendrobium powder water that can clear heat and nourish yin, promote fluid production and nourish the stomach to relieve throat discomfort. It can also be made from rice water powder and added into agar to make jelly, which has nutrition and is filling without enhancing throat discomfort. Another example is the paralysis of hands and feet that occurs in some patients after receiving chemotherapy. You can try massage and acupuncture, and external washing with herbs to sooths muscles and relieve symptoms. If you are receiving Chinese Medicine treatment at the same time, it is recommended to inform Western medicine doctor, because both sides can understand the symptoms and medication situation, avoid worsening the illness, and can cooperate to achieve maximum benefit.

Rice water agar jelly
Effects: strengthens the spleen and stomach, helps the body absorb nutrients. Jelly is easy for people with sore throat or throat discomfort to eat.
Ingredients: 1 pack rice water powder, 10g of shredded agar, 1000ml water
1. Rinse agar and cut into pieces. Soak shredded agar until soft.
2. Boil water on high heat until boiling, add the rice water powder and mix well, cover and simmer for 20 minutes, remove the rice solid contents, and then add the shredded agar and cook on low heat until it melts.
3. Let the rice and agar water cool slightly, then pour it into a container, put it in the refrigerator and refrigerate until it solidifies.
Note: You can add the appropriate amount of rock sugar to cook until they melt for seasoning.

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