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CheckCheckCin:中醫典籍《本草綱目》記載:「無花果味甘平,無毒,治五痔、利咽喉、消腫痛、解瘡毒」,老年人、嬰兒、孕婦都適合。有潤肺健脾開胃、潤腸通便、清熱解毒功效。一天吃2-3個,對痔瘡便血、老年、孕婦便秘有明顯療效。其滋陰潤燥作用很適合秋天食用,另外孕婦特別容易患上痔瘡,食之可以預防。無花果更可以幫助催乳,對哺乳媽媽來說可以是多一個方法應付乳汁不足! 要注意其糖份含量較高,糖尿病患者慎吃。新鮮和乾品功效相若,兩種都可以直接吃,乾品更可用來泡茶和煲湯。




材料:無花果乾(切開)1-2枚、梨乾2-3片、杞子6枚、 蜂蜜適量

3 ways to relieve dryness with fig
“I heard Chinese medicine practitioner said that those with cold-related body type should not have too many pears. Is it ok to have figs? Is it better fresh or dried?”

CheckCheckCin: According to ancient Chinese medicine writing, fig is sweet and mild in nature, non-toxic, can cure the five types of hemorrhoids, good for the throat, can reduce swelling and pain, and can relieve sores. It is suitable for the elderly, infants and pregnant women. It has the effect of moistening the lungs and strengthening the spleen, stimulating appetite, loosening the bowels to relieve constipation, clearing heat and detoxifying. You can eat 2-3 figs a day to relieve the hemorrhoids, blood in stool, constipation in the elderly and pregnant women effectively. Its effect on nourishing yin and relieving dryness are very suitable to consume during autumn. In addition, pregnant women are particularly prone to hemorrhoids, they can eat fig to prevent that. Fig can help to promote breast milk production. For breastfeeding mothers, there is one more way to deal with insufficient milk! It is necessary to note that it is high in sugar content, so those with diabetes should avoid. Fresh and dried figs have similar effects, both can be eaten directly, and dried fig can be used for making tea and soup.

1. Eating fresh fig
How do you know that figs are ripe and suitable for eating? Look at the bottom, it is ready when there is a slight split. After washing, remove the hard stem. You can eat the whole fig with skin. It can also be eaten after cutting with a knife or opening it directly with your hands. The center of the fig is relatively dry, you can rub both sides to make it better. It can also be eaten directly as fruit, or add in cold side dishes and sandwiches.

2. Snacks
Fresh figs rot easily, and dried fruits can be easily preserved. The dried figs are sweet and chewy. It is very suitable for snacks. You can have a nutritious afternoon tea with some oil-free baked nuts and dried figs. However, since the dried figs have concentrated fructose, it is better to eat two or three only a day to avoid excessive sugar absorption.

3. Fruit tea
Figs have a high sugar content. When added with hot water, they can be made into sweet scented fruit tea. In the autumn, the weather is dry. You can add dried pears and brew together. If your work requires prolonged use of computer, you can add a few wolfberries to clear the liver and improve vision.

Fig tea with dried fig
Effects: nourishes yin, relieves dryness and dry skin
Ingredients: 1-2 dried figs (cut into pieces), 2-3 dried pears, 6 wolfberries, appropriate amounts of honey
Preparation: Place dry ingredients into thermos and rinse once with hot water. Add in hot water and steep for 20 minutes until aroma develops. Add in honey after it has cooled down slightly. This tea can be rebrewed until its flavor weakens
Note: During the dry weather, have it 3-4 times each week.

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