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How to dress warm






How to dress warm
A lot of people say if the bottom of their feet feel cold and their whole body would be cold. There are actually a few spots that are especially prone to cold and should be kept warm even if its not winter. If you keep these locations warm, you can also improve your overall immunity!

Head- when it’s cold, be sure to wear a hat. In the morning, brush your hair until there’s slight feeling of heat in your scalp. Head is the meeting point of yang, and loses heat quicker. When the head is attacked by cold wind, it is easy to get head aches and flues. So be sure to keep your hea worm and appropriately stimulate the scalp to keep qi and blood circulating.

Ears- use scarves and hats to keep your ears warm, and occasionally warm your ears by rubbing them. You can also stimulate the accupoints near the ear. The skin at your ears is especially thin, and especially prone to cold, this is why there are horrific scnese of people losing their ears in extreme cold conditions.

Neck- wear turtle necks and scarves, especially for older people or those with cardiovascular diseases. Neck is where your respiratory and cardiovascular vessels must pass. If it catches cold, you may feel discomfort, and this is why neural vessel issues tend to happen during the winter.

Back- add a layer of vest to keep your back warm. You can even stick on a warm pad when it’s very cold. Back is the core of yang and is especially prone to wind pathogens, so when the elders tell you to keep your back warm, they do have a point.

Waist and abdomen- it is important not to expose your belly button during the winter. Also try to rub your abdomen with your palm to keep your spleen yang qi warm. Your kidneys are located near your waste and the kidneys have the strongest aversion to cold. Men may experience kidney yang deficiency and ladies may have menstural pain if the uterus was exposed to cold.

Feet- when its cold, be sure to wear socks or slippers even in the indoors. You can also soak your feet with hot water before bed time. Your feet is most prone to cold as it is farthest from the heart, when you have poor qi and blood circulation, you will feel cold.

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