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黑芝麻 — 芝麻有益肝腎、養血烏髮、潤腸通便功效,尤其適合陰虛、陽虛、氣虛、血虛人士食用。
豆沙 — 豆沙由紅豆製成,紅豆具補血和胃功效,適合陰虛、陽虛、氣虛、血虛人士食用,能改善氣血虛弱情況。
花生 — 有補氣潤肺、健脾開胃功效,適合氣虛、血虛、食慾差或哺乳中的產婦進食。



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Choose fillings based on body constitution
Make healthy sweet dumplings for Lantern Festival

Tomorrow will be the Lantern Festival, the fifteenth day of the first month in the lunar calendar. Traditionally, people will eat sweet dumplings, or ‘tang yuan‘ in Mandarin, on this day, as it symbolizes reunion. Sweet dumplings are made by rolling glutinous rice flour into a dough and then stuffing with different types of filling.

From the perspective of Chinese Medicine, sweet dumplings are sweet, have a high satiety effect, and can cause dampness in the body easily. Though glutinous rice can warm the stomach, its stickiness can cause indigestion. One can enjoy sweet dumplings but should only consume in a small quantity. Opt for fillings that are appropriate for our body constitution to help reduce the burden on the body.

Fillings in sweet dumplings:
Black sesame – nourishes the liver and kidney, nourishes blood and improve hair quality, moistens the intestine to relieve constipation. Suitable for people with yin deficiency, yang deficiency, qi deficiency and blood asthenia
Red bean paste – made with red bean which replenishes blood and stomach. Suitable for people with yin deficiency, yang deficiency, qi deficiency and blood asthenia. It can improve the weakness of qi and blood.
Peanut – replenishes the lungs and qi, strengthens the spleen to stimulate appetite. Suitable for those with qi deficiency, blood asthenia, poor appetite or nursing mothers.

Q: Sweet dumplings with lava fillings taste better?
A: Lava fillings give us visual pleasure and can satisfy our taste buds, but they are made of butter or lard. Hence, one should not consume sweet dumplings with lava fillings excessively.

Q: The more ginger in the sweet soup, the better it is?
A: Many people enjoy drinking ginger soup, which is made from fresh ginger and slab sugar. Fresh ginger is warm in nature and can induce sweating and dispel cold, whereas slab sugar can warm the stomach. Hence, this soup is suitable for individuals with yang deficiency, and those with a colder body constitution.

However, individuals with a damp-heat body constitution, or those with heat-related symptoms such as sore throat, canker sore, acne, and constipation should avoid drinking this soup, as it might aggravate the symptoms.

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