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1. 食材洗淨,蓮藕、紅蘿蔔、黑木耳及淮山切絲或幼條備用
2. 菠菜全棵灼熟,搾乾水份並切去根部,拌以少量鹽、糖及麻油備用
3. 蓮藕、紅蘿蔔、黑木耳及淮山絲分別以少量油、蒜蓉及鹽炒香備用
4. 米紙以溫水浸10秒至軟身,以廚紙吸走多餘水分
5. 隨個人喜好,將餡料排放在米紙中下方再捲起,中間切開即成 
6. 將調味醬汁材料拌勻即成

Healthy living during Awakening of Insects Solar Term: “Nourish the liver and replenish blood, strengthen the spleen and dispel dampness”

Rainbow Vegetable Rolls

Spinach- replenishes blood, stops bleeding, relieves constipation and relieves dryness
Lotus root- strengthens the spleen and stomach, replenishes qi and nourishes blood 

Ingredients: 400g spinach, 1 segment of lotus root, 1 carrot, a few black fungus, 1 Chinese yam (the amount of filling ingredients can be adjusted according to taste), 1 pack of rice paper wrapper, small amount of garlic, sesame oil, sugar and salt

Sauce ingredients: 2 tablespoon of fish sauce, 1 lime, 1 tablespoon of sugar, small amount of garlic

1. Rinse all ingredients. Cut lotus root, carrot, black fungus, Chinese yam into thin shreds or sticks.
2. Simmer spinach in hot water, squeeze the water out and remove the root. Mix with a small amount of salt, sugar and sesame oil.
3. Stir fry lotus root, carrot, black fungus, Chinese yam with small amounts of oil, garlic and salt until fragrant.
4. Soak rice paper wrapper 10 seconds in warm water until soft. Absorb excess water with kitchen paper.
5. According to personal preference, put the fillings on the rice paper wrapper and then roll up from the bottom part. Cut each vegetable roll diagonally in half to serve.
6. Mix ingredients of sauce together to serve.


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© 2024 CheckCheckCin Limited. All rights reserved.
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