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茼蒿 — 性平,有安心寧神、健脾開胃的功效,適合肝氣鬱結、胃脹、痰多者食用。由於有通便作用,胃虛泄瀉者不宜多吃。

Seasonal garland chrysanthemum can calm the mind
As spring approaches, you may think of the taste of garland chrysanthemum. It is a seasonal vegetable in spring. Like heavy-flavored vegetables such as cilantro and chives, those who like it know how to appreciate its delicate flavor, and those who hate it think it has a weird taste like grass. From Chinese medicine perspectivea, garland chrysanthemum is mild in nature, sweet and spicy, and has the effects of calming the mind, strengthening the spleen and stimulating appetite. It is especially suitable for those who are often in a depressed mood. Spring belongs to the wood, which corresponds to the liver and can easily make people feel depressed. Appropriately consume spicy ingredients such as garland chrysanthemum, cilantro and chives can promote yang qi and avoid liver qi stagnation. 

Garland chrysanthemum- mild in nature, can calm the mind, strengthen the spleen and stimulate appetite. Suitable for those with liver qi stagnation, abdominal bloating and phlegm. Due to laxative effects, it is not suitable for those with weak stomach and diarrhea.

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