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– 食用份量亦很關鍵,一般大劑量才會有明顯效果,如果誤吃幾口也不用擔心,有疑問宜諮詢註冊中醫師。

– 此類食物膠質比較重,容易令母乳變濃稠而導致乳腺堵塞。

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What should breastfeeding moms avoid eating
Breastfeeding is not easy. A mother might spend some time producing a consistent amount of milk, but the moment she accidentally consumes food that might decrease the milk flow, all her efforts are wasted!

Breastfeeding moms may search for ‘foods that boost milk production’ and ‘foods that decrease breast milk supply’ on the Internet, and they might read about milk-boosting foods such as fish soup, soymilk, braised pig trotter with peanut, black bean, papaya, citron daylily, and even bubble milk tea!

Since everyone has different body constitutions, every individual will react to foods differently. Emotions can also affect the production of breast milk. Chinese Medicine theories believed that qi and blood can affect the production of a woman’s milk.

With an abundance of qi and blood, milk production will increase. Hence, it is vital for breastfeeding moms to keep track of their diets, and check if the types of food taken can increase or decrease the milk supply.

Here are five types of foods that can reduce the milk production, so breastfeeding moms, please take note.

Foods that can decrease milk supply:
– malt, chives, squab, pork liver, and light fermented soy bean (which is a type of Chinese Medicine; different from the fermented bean used in regular cooking)
– eating a large amount of the ingredients above would have an impact on the milk production, but having them in a small quantity is still acceptable. Do consult licensed and registered Chinese physicians to learn more.

Foods that can easily clog the milk duct:
– pig trotter, chicken feet, chicken essence, and fish maw
– these ingredients can thicken the breast milk and clog the milk duct.

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