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How to smell like a goddess?
Perfume advertisements usually portray ladies walking by with a gust of wind giving out odor of a goddess. Many girls also hope that the pleasant fragrance can add charm and attraction to themselves, especially when dating. Some say ladies can eat more pineapples to make their lower bodies smell good. There is no evidence to support this claim, but eating sour food can indeed maintain the low pH environment of the lower body and reduce the growth of bacteria to improve the odor. Food we eat does affect body odor. Eating fatty, oily, spicy and greasy foods can easily cause symptoms of damp-heat. Eating too much will increase body odor.

From the perspective of Chinese medicine, women’s heavy lower body odor is also caused by damp-heat. Dampness flows downward, it is particularly easy to affect the reproductive and excretory system. In addition to the heavy body odor, vaginal discharge tend to be more yellowish, the urine is yellow, and the stool is sticky and smelly. So to make yourself smell good, pay attention not to let the body retain dampness.

Ingredients to worsen body odor
– Five strong spicy spices: curry, spicy food, garlic, spring onions, chili, cilantro
– Warm natured food: ginger, lamb, cinnamon, chives, ginseng, Chinese red dates
– Fried and oily food: potato chips, fried chicken, roasted nuts
– Drinks that can retain dampness: coffee, milk tea, alcohol

Appropriately consume ingredients that can dispel dampness and clear heat to improve odor
– Clear heat: mung bean, cucumber, watermelon, hairy gourd, bitter gourd
– Dispel dampness: hyacinth bean coat, purple haricot, hyacinth bean, poria, coix seed, corn silk, rice beans, Chinese yam

Ingredients that are good for the urinary system:
– Cranberry, sugar-free yogurt, citrus, kiwi, blackberry

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