November 16, 2018



都市人生活忙碌,飲食作息不定時,患病時又不肯戒口,又怎可擁有健康的體魄?勸誡大家早睡早起、飲食清淡未必人人能做到,不如從可行的方案入手,利用米水—— 一款簡單且屬性平和的飲料,只要每天飲用就可減輕脾胃負擔,從而引領大家關注自己的健康,由微調飲食及生活習慣著手,達致中醫「未病先防」的概念。

Urbanites have busy lives, poor dietary habits and lifestyles, it is nearly impossible to be healthy. Not everyone can sleep and wake up early, have light diets so we are recommending a more manageable way- daily rice water. Rice water is mild natured and drinking it daily can reduce burden on the spleen and stomach. Hopefully this will also raise the awareness on health and people can learn to become healthier by making slight adjustments in their lives and achieve preventative healthcare.

特別感謝 二澳農作社 借出這片美麗的米田讓我們拍攝。

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© 2024 CheckCheckCin Limited. All rights reserved.
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