June 15, 2023

牛油果向來被視為健康又時尚的「超級食物」(Superfood),其實從營養學角度來看它屬於油脂類食物,但它的油脂屬於「好油」,含有Omega-9, 有助提高好膽固醇及降低壞膽固醇。從中醫角度來看,牛油果屬性平和,有潤肺、潤腸功效,但由於性質滋膩,不建議每天或過量食用,濕熱體質人士進食會令濕熱加重,而暗瘡、濕疹患者亦有可能加重症狀。

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Avocado can trigger eczema outbreaks

Avocado has long been regarded as a healthy and trendy “”superfood.”” From a nutritional perspective, it falls under the category of fatty foods, but its fats are considered “”good fats”” containing Omega-9, which helps increase good cholesterol and reduce bad cholesterol.

From the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine, avocado is neutral in nature and has moisturizing effects on the lungs and intestines. However, due to its heavy and sticky nature, it is not recommended to consume it daily or in excessive amounts. It can worsen damp-heat conditions in the body, and individuals with acne or eczema may experience aggravated symptoms.

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