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Summer Solstice is when life grown is the most active and today is the day where daytime is longest and night is shortest. Chinese medicine believes “summer nourishes heart” and “heart flows in summer qi”. Summer heat increases perspiration, as the Chinese saying goes, “sweat is the fluid of the heart”, excessive sweating can easily damage the qi of the heart, causing people to feel frustrated and disturbed, which subsequently affects our sleep quality. It is recommended to appropriately use red foods that can replenish the qi and blood, such as wolfberries, red beans and red dates. They can give us a radiant facial complexion, nourish our hearts and enhance sleep quality.
Do moderate exercise in the summer to nourish yang qi. As the weather is hot, it is better to do low-intensity exercise such as walking, jogging or Tai Chi in early morning or evening. Have water or light salt water to replenish body fluids. The temperature of water should not be too cold.

Healthy living during Summer Solstice Solar Term:
“Protect and nourish yang qi. Clear heat and nourish heart.”

CheckCheckCin recommendation: Red bean rice water
✔️Achieve rosy complexion
✔️Calm the mind and improve sleep
✔️Replenish blood and nourish the stomach

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© 2023 CheckCheckCin Limited. All rights reserved.
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