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Take a breather by camping outdoors
Pitch your tent at the right place

Though land scarcity is an issue in Hong Kong, it is not short of public and private campsites. Do note that it might be illegal to camp in areas that are not designated as campsites, so it is important to do your homework.

So how do we choose the best spot to pitch our tent? Here are some helpful tips.

✔️ Stake your tent against the wind
Take note of the weather report. Turn the entrance to the tent away from the prevailing wind direction. By doing so, you can light and protect your campfire more effectively.

✔️ Stay close to the water source
Accessibility to water in the campsite is important, unless you bring enough water for your entire trip. Pitch your tent near the water source, and make sure it is safe for use. Avoid lowland where the rainwater might accumulate and cause landslides.

✔️Opt for flat land
Set up your tent on a flat land, and check for rocks and stones on the ground. It would be more comfortable to sleep on top of grass. Grassland may be suitable for kids-friendly activities but can also trap water easily. Land with gravels, on the other hand, will have better drainage.

✔️Build your tent beneath an overhanging tree
Large trees are nature’s windshield, and they can provide good shade and protect campers from direct sun.

✔️Practice good camping manners and respect nature
Camping outdoors is a way for us to get closer to nature, so it is vital for us to respect nature and not destroy the flora and fauna. We should avoid activities like breaking tree branches, polluting the water source, damaging grass and scrubs, and contaminating soil.

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