March 16, 2019




– Gel好個完美的髮型滿心歡喜,未出家門已扁塌,天生鬈髮的朋友髮型更變了一餅麵的髮型

– 一屋都是未洗,又或時洗完長期乾不透開始發臭的衣服

– 受潮的書頁變得皺皺,橫切面像波浪一樣

– 木筷子、木碟、砧板、衣櫃,嚴重的話甚至是木門、地板、天花都無一倖免,木皮甚至會潮濕至脹起

– 相對濕度100%,不止牆身滴水,潮濕到天花板都有水珠

– 菇菌喜歡在陰暗潮濕處生長,水槽底正符合條件啊!但當然這些菇或許含有毒素,不能食用哦!

Troubles from spring humidity
A lot of people do not like spring due to the humidity and gloomy weather as well as daily life troubles it brings. Do you experience the below six issues?

Flat and oily hair
– you do your hair nicely but find it flat before you even head out. Those with curly hair might be a mess!

Your clothes are not drying
– you have dirty laundry or damp smelling laundry at home

Your books are no longer straight due to humidity
– due to the dampness from humidity, your books have become wavy

Mold on your wooden products
– your wooden chopsticks, plates, cutting board, closet or even door, flooring and ceiling are all swelling up from the humidity

You have to use an umbrella everywhere
– with humidity at 100%, your walls are wet and your ceilings have droplets of water

You are growing mushrooms under your sink
– fungus likes to grow in dark and humid spaces and under your sink is perfect for that. Note these mushrooms are toxic and cannot be eaten!

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© 2024 CheckCheckCin Limited. All rights reserved.
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