June 5, 2021



☑️ 每晚可以只睡兩個小時
☑️ 不用鬧鐘會自然醒
☑️ 環境多嘈吵都聽到BB喊聲
☑️ 學會絕佳的時間管理術兼多工處理術
☑️ 學會當一頭乳牛
☑️ 當上便便分析員
☑️ 吃飯是直接吞下不用咀嚼

【Relax for a minute…Moms’ new skills unlocked】
A woman would begin her journey as a mom the moment her confinement begins, and during this one month, many moms acquire new skills:

☑️ Sleep for two hours a day
☑️ Wake up without an alarm clock
☑️ Can always hear the baby’s cry no matter how noisy the surrounding is
☑️ The ability to multitask
☑️ Master the secrets of boosting milk supply
☑️ Become a qualified ‘stool analyst’
☑️ Swallow food without chewing

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© 2024 CheckCheckCin Limited. All rights reserved.
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