June 20, 2018

#24節氣 – 夏至】是日夏至




Summer Solstice
This is when life grown is the most active and today is the day where daytime is longest and night is shortest. As we enter summer, you will sweat more, and your digestive functions will weaken. This is also the time when salads, cold dishes, cold drinks and iced desserts and dishes, but you may be prone to abdominal issues after consuming so beware of hygiene and don’t over consume cool and cold things just because it’s hot. Try to have dishes that strengthen the spleen and stomach and clears heat. Have rice water daily to condition your spleen and stomach.
Gentle reminders:
– beware of food hygiene
– replenish your fluids accordingly
– try sour dishes and foods like pineapple fried rice to stimulate appetite
– eat watermelon, cold vegetables and cold drinks in moderation
– don’t look at your phone before sleep time and try to sleep earlier

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© 2024 CheckCheckCin Limited. All rights reserved.
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