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Wear a hat to prevent headaches in winter
Even though it may seem like Hong Kong does not have a true winter anymore, there are still cold currents occasionally. You may experience headaches for the whole day when the cold wind hits. From Chinese medicine perspective, there are many causes of headaches. The cold-wind headache is the most common symptom in winter as the cold-wind pathogen causes coagulation and blockage of qi and blood of head meridians. Cold will cause shrinkage so you would feel tightness when you have this type of headache.
In case of mild cold-wind headache, you can have ginger tea with cinnamon twig. It has the effects of warming the stomach and dispelling cold. You can also press the yintang acupoint with your thumb, which is located midway between the medial ends of the eyebrows to relieve headache. If the symptoms are serious, you should consult a registered Chinese medicine practitioner.
Pay more attention to keep the head warm, especially those with qi and yang deficiency. They are particularly vulnerable to external pathogens. If you will have more outdoor activities on some day, remember to wear a hat to keep warm. There are various styles of hats to be more fashionable. It is simple to wear a hooded jacket. For example, when you go to the seaside to see christmas lights tonight, you can wear a hat to prevent the wind from blowing directly on your head.

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