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肥胖、大汗、頭髮油膩、有汗味, 這是大家對胖子的典型印象,但其實大汗不一定是肥人的症狀。如果發現衣衫染有黃色汗漬,中醫稱之為「黃汗」,常見於濕熱體質的人,伴以怕熱、多面油、體味重等症狀。想改善多汗及黃汗情況,宜從飲食入手,避免進食生冷、甜膩、辛辣及煎炸食物,多吃有健脾祛濕功能的食物,例如每天飲用米水、適量進食白米、淮山、眉豆、赤小豆等,修復脾胃功能就有助減肥,當然不少得配合適量運動和多按健脾穴位。


Do overweight people sweat more?
I have a chubbier body type since I was young, and summer can be quite troublesome due to all the sweating. Sometimes I even have yellow stains on my clothes, is it due to my weight?
CheckCheckCin: Chubbiness, excessive sweating, oily hair, body odor all seem to be classic issues for people who are overweight. Excessive sweating actually does not have to be a symptom of overweight. If you have yellow sweat stains on your clothes, this usually occurs for people with damp heat body constitution and accompanied by aversion to heat, increased facial oil, and body odor. To improve excessive sweating and yellowish sweats, try adjust your diet and avoid cold and raw foods, sweets, spicy and fried foods. Have foods that strengthen the spleen and dispel dampness. For example, have rice water daily, appropriately consume white rice, Chinese yam, purple haricot, rice beans. If you can strengthen the functions of the spleen and stomach, it can also help in weight loss. Remember to exercise appropriately and try pressing on acupoints that can strengthen the spleen.
Ying Ling Quan Acupoint to strengthen the spleen and stomach
Effects: Massage this often to strengthen the spleen and dispel dampness
Location: Inner calves, below the knee caps at the depressed point of inner tibia. Gently press with your finger pulp making circles for 2-3 minutes.

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