August 8, 2018




石榴 - 性熱,味甘酸,具生津止渴、澀腸止瀉、收歛固澀作用。適合口舌乾燥、時有乾咳、腹瀉者食用,惟感冒咳嗽、糖尿病人不宜多吃。

Improve skin and suppress sweating with pomegranate
During the hot summer, walking on a street for a bit can cause you to sweat all over. Aside from drinking more water to replenish fluids, Chinese medicine believes appropriately consuming sour fruits is also good as they can suppress sweating and promote fluid production. They also help to relieve diarrhea, lock down fluids in the body. Pomegranate is a sour fruit, it is known as the ruby of fruits as it is very healthy.
Pomegranate- hot in nature, sour and sweet in taste. Helps to promote fluid production and relieve thirst, relieve diarrhea. Suitable for dry mouth and tongue, occasional coughing, and diarrhea. Those with flu and cough, or diabetes should not consume too much.

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© 2024 CheckCheckCin Limited. All rights reserved.
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