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材料洗淨,雪梨去皮切粒,茉莉花以沸水沖洗一次,全部材料放保溫瓶, 注入熱開水焗約10分鐘至香味透出即可。

Prolonged late nights can hurt the liver?
People say staying up late at night all the time can lead to ‘liver explosion’, I am up a lot lately to watch world cup games, is it hurting my liver? I wouldn’t want it to explode!

CheckCheckCin: Liver from Chinese medicine and western medicine perspectives are a bit different. Liver in Chinese medicine encompasses multiple physiological systems such as endocrine system and the autonomic nervous system. The functions of the five organs are tightly connected as well. From Chinese medicine perspective, the liver is on duty from 1-3am, so if you are asleep during this time, it allows the liver to perhaps repair works. The qi and blood in the body flows through the liver for purification. If you are staying up late and awake in this period of time, then you create liver stagnation and affect its ability to function. The liver also affects your mood, and that’s why people who are sleep deprived seem to be more moody and irritable.

So if you healthy is affected by staying up late, you need to condition the stagnation in you liver and asthenic spleen and stomach. You can try watching your diet and consume more floral tea, wolfberries, walnuts, and Chinese yam. The below healing tea can relieve late night related symptoms.

Jasmine tea with pear and wolfberry
Effects: jasmine tea can relieve liver stagnation; wolfberries nourishes the liver and improves vision; suitable for those with frequent late nights.
Ingredients: 10 wolfberries, 6g jasmine flower, half a pear
Preparation: rinse all ingredients thoroughly. Peel pear and dice. Rinse jasmine with hot water once. Place all ingredients into thermos and steep with hot water for 10 minutes or until the aroma develops.

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© 2024 CheckCheckCin Limited. All rights reserved.
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