June 12, 2021



問題:聽到人打噴嚏時為甚麼講Bless you?

A. 打噴嚏是因為魔鬼掐住了喉嚨,說Bless you有助趕走惡魔。
B. 打噴嚏時靈魂會出竅,惡魔乘虛而入,所以需要神的保祐。
C. 打噴嚏是人生病的先兆,說Bless you祝福對方不要病倒。


【Relax for a minute ⋯⋯ Fun fact about sneezing】

Question: Why do people say ‘bless you’ to the person who sneezes?

Which of the answers is correct?
A. We sneeze because the devil is ‘choking’ us. By saying ‘bless you’, we can ward off the devil.
B. Our soul might leave the body when we sneeze, and the devil would take advantage of it. Hence, we need God’s protection.
C. Sneezing is the symptom of us getting sick. By saying ‘bless you’, we hope the person does not fall ill.

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© 2024 CheckCheckCin Limited. All rights reserved.
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