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? 水果早餐

? 飲食生冷

? 過量運動

? 懶換床單

? 最愛毛公仔

? 最愛風口位



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Bad habits that trigger nasal allergies
Nasal allergies are allergic rhinitis, and they are triggered by allergens. They might not result in severe health implications, but sneezing and having a stuffy, runny and itchy nose constantly can cause great inconvenience to our lives. Besides taking medicines and going through treatments, we also need to pay attention to our lifestyle and dietary habits, as they would increase the chances of us developing nasal allergies!

? Fruits for breakfast
Consuming an appropriate amount of fruits is good for health, but eating fruits or drinking fruit juice in the morning all the time can weaken the spleen and stomach and may trigger nasal allergies. It is best to consume food that can warm the spleen and stomach for breakfast, such as porridge, steamed rice noodle rolls, macaroni, and sweet potato.

? Raw and cold food
Salad, sashimi, sushi, ice cream, chilled beverages, shaved ice, and fruits taken out of the refrigerator are examples of raw and cold food. These foods can damage the yang energy and disrupt the functions of the spleen and stomach, triggering nasal allergies.

? Exercise too much
Hiking and jogging are the two trendiest exercises, and many people would post their hiking and jogging photos on their IG. Over-exercising can exhaust the qi in the body, and excessive sweating can damage the yin. When our pores open, the cold-wind pathogenic factor can invade the body easily, causing us to develop nasal allergies. Hence, consistent moderate exercise is key.

? Not changing bedsheets regularly
Dust mites are one of the most common allergens, and they tend to gather on bedsheets. If we do not change our bed sheets regularly, the dust mites can easily trigger an allergic reaction.

? Soft toys
We like fluffy toys, but they are also dust mites magnets. Those who do not wish to get rid of their soft toys should wash them frequently.

? Standing near the air-conditioning vent
Standing in front of the air-conditioning during the warm summer season is the best experience, but it would also trigger nasal allergies! Individuals with this problem should avoid standing in front of the vent. Do bring along a sweater or scarf wherever you go to avoid catching a cold.

Combating nasal allergies is a long battle, so we must be persistent in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Drink a cup of rice water a day to strengthen the spleen and stomach as it can also help improve our general health.

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