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人參 — 性溫,有補氣養血、健脾益胃、強心提神的功效,適合身體虛弱、氣血不足、脾虛腹瀉、氣短氣促者食用;陰虛火旺、糖尿病、高血壓病人不宜食用。

黨參 — 性平,有補肺脾氣、生津養血的功效,尤其適合陽虛、氣虛、血虛體質人士服用。

大棗 — 即紅棗,性溫,有養氣補血、健脾和胃之效,特別適合氣血兩虛人士,體質偏燥熱、暗瘡、便秘或糖尿病人士不宜食用。

北芪 — 又名黃芪,性溫,有補虛益氣、強心護肝的功效,適合氣血不足、容易感冒、脾虛腹瀉人士服用;陰虛火旺、氣滯腹脹者忌吃。

4 ingredients to replenish qi and blood
Chinese medicine believes that qi and blood are closely related. Both are the most basic elements for maintaining health. As long as qi and blood circulates well, the body is healthy. Those with weak qi and blood have symptoms such as pale complexion, cold limbs, or even numbness, prone to dizziness and heart palpitations, shortness of breath, poor appetite, and brittle nails. The situation may worsen in winter because the body needs more energy to deal with cold weather, and the qi and blood functions worsen. If you are weak, you are more likely to get sick.
To improve the body condition of those with deficiency of qi and blood, they need to replenish their qi and blood, and eat more ingredients that can replenish qi and nourish blood, including ginseng, codonopsis root, Chinese red dates and astragalus root. This can improve qi and blood deficiency and promote circulation. They should do low-intensity exercise, such as stretching, Tai Chi, walking, etc. Avoid exercises that lead to excessive sweating, otherwise the weakness of qi and blood will be aggravated.

Ginseng- warm in nature. It can nourish qi and blood, strengthen spleen and stomach, strengthen the heart and give your mind a boost. Suitable for those with weak body, qi and blood deficiency, asthenic spleen, diarrhea and shortness of breath. Those with yin deficiency with excess fire, diabetes or high blood pressure should not eat.

Codonopsis root- mild in nature. It can replenish lung and spleen qi. Suitable for those with yang deficiency, qi deficiency and asthenic blood body types.

Chinese red dates- warm in nature. It can nourish qi and blood, strengthen spleen and stomach. It is especially suitable for those with qi and blood deficiency. Those with heat-related symptoms, pimple, constipation or diabetes should not eat.

Astragalus root- warm in nature. It can improve deficiencies, nourish qi, strengthen the heart and protect the liver. Suitable for those with qi and blood deficiency, prone to cold/flu, asthenic spleen and diarrhea. Those with yin deficiency with excess fire, qi stagnation and abdominal bloating should not eat.

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