February 12, 2020

【抗疫必飲】9大強肺素湯 9 soups to strengthen the lungs



Of the human organs, the lungs are positioned highest, and they master the body’s qi. Strengthening the lungs can improve qi in the body. When there is enough qi in the body, pathogens cannot attack the body easily. Therefore, nourishing lung qi is the first step to improving immune system. The following 9 soups can strengthen the lungs, and are suitable for vegetarians. You can also add meat in as you like. As some of the ingredients are replenishing, you still need to choose the appropriate soup according to your body condition.Those who have heat in the body should first clear heat then nourish the lungs. Let’s make soup for your family to prevent the disease for everyone.

【詳細教學傳送門 Tutorials】

補氣強身人參湯 Ginseng soup to replenish qi and improve immunity bit.ly/2tRIrLF

滋陰潤肺雪梨湯 Pear soup to nourish yin and moisten the lungs bit.ly/3bt4mJY

健脾潤肺杏汁湯 Almond soup to strengthen the spleen and moisten the lungs bit.ly/2SmSmlL

補肺益氣黨參湯 Codonopsis root soup to nourish the lungs and qi bit.ly/2ON7FBT

健脾強肺太子參湯 Radix pseudostellariae soup to strengthen the spleens and lungs bit.ly/37kYYWb

暢順氣管海底椰湯 Sea coconut soup to relieve respiratory allergies bit.ly/2SiQIS4

滋陰潤肺百合海玉竹湯 Polygonatum root soup to nourish yin and moisten the lungs bit.ly/2Sk3dwD

清熱潤肺粉葛湯 Arrowroot soup to clear heat and moisten the lungs bit.ly/2uvO0zP

健脾益氣強肺湯 Soup to strengthen the lungs and spleen and nourish qi bit.ly/37mGynG

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