August 10, 2023

面膜「紙」有很多種類,CheckCheckCin x Skin Need的《米糠氨基酸緊緻面膜》用上的椰子提取物天然纖維而《大米美白水潤面膜》則用上了小麥編織絲。兩者有甚麼分別?

採用椰子果肉提取物纖維為材料,比一般面膜的纖維更幼細,更能緊貼面部 每一吋肌膚,提升滲透性和肌膚的吸收效果;從椰子果肉提取的成份,含豐 富的微量礦物質,提供額外營養,讓肌膚恢復活力。而且,天然纖維能夠在 自然環境中分解,不會對環境造成污染。
Biocellulose fiber adheres closely to every inch of your skin, improving penetration and absorption for deep moisturization and skin repair. Biocellulose fiber is biodegradable in natural environments and does not cause pollution, and is created from coconut pulp to deliver additional nutrition and revitalize the skin with abundant trace minerals.

小麥編織絲的密度是一般面膜的1.5倍,更細緻柔軟,可減低與皮膚間的摩擦與刺激,而且更貼合面部曲線,精華液更易滲透肌膚,為肌 膚提供深層滋潤和修復效果。 天然的編織絲可分解且不含染料,同時添加了脫水小麥蛋白,能提供額外的鎮靜 效果,特別適合敏感和缺水肌膚。
Wheat Woven Vegan Silk is finer and softer than those of regular face masks, providing the lowest friction and irritation to skin as possible. The sheet has a 1.5x thread count compared to regular masks, and is able to soak up more serum to immerse the skin with product for optimal glowing effects. This naturally derived, biodegradable and undyed mask sheet is also infused with dehydrated wheat proteins, providing additional calming effects for sensitive and dehydrated skin.

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© 2024 CheckCheckCin Limited. All rights reserved.
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