August 11, 2023


做法:材料洗淨切段。鍋內加入1000毫升水,武火煮至水滾即可飲用 。

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The most underrated summer heat reliever?

When purchasing fresh corn, it is common to remove the husk along with the corn silk. People often worry about accidentally consuming corn silk while enjoying the corn kernels. However, corn silk is a hidden gem for combating the summer heat. It can clear heat, promote diuresis, and lower blood sugar. By simply adding one or two ingredients into the mixture, you can make yourself a refreshing and sweet tea for the summer.

Corn silk tea
Effects: Clears heat, dispels dampness, promotes diuresis. Relieve symptoms such as difficulty urinating and edema.
Ingredients: 1-2 tael corn silk, 2-3 baby corns, 2 candied dates
Preparation: Rinse ingredients and cut into pieces. Combine with 1000ml of water and cook on high heat until boiling.
Note: not suitable for those with frequent urination or night urination.

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