August 23, 2023


材料:麥芽6克、穀芽6克 、陳皮6克、薑2片

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留言或按讚👍🏻支持一下我們吧!❤️ 歡迎 Follow 我們獲得更多養生資訊。How to relieve stomach bloating and nausea?

Are you currently grappling with a diminished appetite, abdominal bloating, and feelings of nausea? What steps can you take when gastrointestinal medications offer only transient relief, leaving the symptoms to resurface shortly after?

In the realm of traditional Chinese medicine, stomach discomfort is often intertwined with our dietary choices. Irregular meal timings, overindulgence, hasty consumption, repeated indulgence in fried, spicy, fatty, hefty, chilled, or uncooked foods, and excessive intake of cold beverages can disrupt the harmonious interplay between the spleen and stomach, thereby causing unfavorable qi to surge within the stomach. For tangible relief, it is pivotal to harmonize the qi. Imbibing tea crafted from rice sprouts and malt can facilitate digestion and alleviate stagnation.

Yet, the fundamental solution lies in the transformation of our dietary patterns. Sidestep irregular meal schedules, devouring food in undue haste, or engaging in excessive discourse while eating. Curtail the consumption of raw, fiery, oily, acidic, hard-to-digest, glutinous, and legume-rich edibles. Embrace nurturing breakfast choices like porridge, which lends support to the vitality of the spleen and stomach. Embracing a daily ritual of consuming a cup of rice water composed of white rice, red rice, and coix seeds can also strengthen the spleen and stomach.

Malt and Rice Sprouts Tea with Dried Citrus Peel

Effects: promotes qi and aids digestion, relieves symptoms of indigestion, bloating and discomfort due to poor eating habits.
Ingredients: 6g malt, 6g rice sprouts, 6g dried citrus peel, 2 ginger slices

Preparation: Rinse all ingredients thoroughly. Thinly slice the dried citrus peel. Place all the ingredients into a tea bag and put in the thermos. Then add in hot water and steep for 20 minutes. Tea can be re-brew until its flavour weakens. For best results, drink for 2 consecutive days as a course of treatment.
Note: This tea is not suitable for ladies who are breastfeeding as malt can decrease breastmilk supply.

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