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Tips for clear summer heat and dispel dampness
It’s been quite hot and a lot of people turn on air conditioning, have ice cream and cold drinks to cool down. The summer heat can cause people to sweat too much and leading to decrease of body fluids. Actually, the above behaviours cannot clear summer heat but will allow wind-cold and dampness pathogens to attack the body, causing the fluid and spleen and stomach transport to malfunction which leads to heat stroke. Chinese medicine believes that people should have health living according to the four seasons and climate change. During early summer, aside from nourishing your heart and qi, you should strengthen the spleen and stomach in this moist and humid season. Then you can dispel dampness and feel more refreshed. Using the right methods to clear summer heat and dispel dampness is the best way to maintain health in early summer!

Dos & Don’ts in early summer
❌Eat or drink cold/raw food. Coldness and dampness will harm spleen and stomach. Appropriately consume ingredients such as melons to relieve summer heat.
❌Always wear tight materials that will disrupt sweat flow which can worsen skin allergies.
❌Avoid seats near the fan or air condition. The proper temperature of air condition is 25.5°C.
✔Wear a hat or bring an umbrella to protect from sunlight. Wear breathable materials such as cotton or linen to drive away sweat.
✔Exercise regularly. Slightly sweating helps to dispel dampness.
✔Sunbathing helps to raise yang qi. Remember to always drink water and do not sunbathe for long time.
✔Take time out to space out or meditate. It is better to take care of your heart in summer by cultivating your spirit.
✔Appropriately consume sour ingredients to stimulate appetite and suppress sweating. Also eat bittering ingredients can clear heat and relieve irritability.

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© 2024 CheckCheckCin Limited. All rights reserved.
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